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Praise for Kristen Stewart in Vanity Fair July issue
Sean Penn: "Kristen doesn't know how to be in a popularity contest"...he compares working with her to having a perfect day - blue sky, blue ocean - walk in the door... "You can see Kristen generously trying to join a popularity contest when a film is being publicized.She'll try to get on board, but her body language has a whole different dynamic."
Robert Pattinson: "People have decided how they are going to perceive her. No matter how many times she smiles, they will put in one picture where she's not smiling."..."The perception of her is she's awkward. But it's funny knowing her. It's the absolute opposite of what people think of. She's insanely confident."
Jodie Foster: "Kristen was incredibly mature in some ways and grounded and very calm under pressure. She was an incredible listener, but then she would say something so child-like that you'd be like, That's right - she's only 11."... "Kristen does not have a traditional personality of an actress. She doesn't want to dance on a table for Grandma and put a lampshade on. She doesn't want to do voices and be the center of attention. If anything, she's uncomfortable with that. She approcahes things in a very analytical way. She is concious."
Bill Condon: "She has a strong sense of creating a new path.She's got the thing that people describe with Jack Nicholson in the beginning, that sense of danger, and that sense that you'll always be surprised."
Rupert Sanders: "She’s one of those people who’s got that creative spirit and exists by having to output it. She’s like a kind of copper wire. She’s got this incredible electric energy and she just has to find a ground to discharge some of that power. Otherwise I think she’d explode."... "To me Kristen is at her best, fight-or-flight mode."
Walter Salles: Her director calls Stewart "a great partner in crime", and her performance has a qualities of a jazz riff; it is alive with freedom and a sense of beat...."The desire to really live an authentic life seems to me very, very strong in her"




I’m so excited for season 8 of HIMYM its crazy!


But I don’t want it to be the last season :”(

Lindsay Lohan playing Liz Taylor


The zombie apocalypse can’t get here fast enough.